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Travel Chatbot Development

Feb 11, 2020 CASE STUDIES

Travel has grown considerably over the last few decades and this increase seems set to continue. Different from the past, people now would like to plan for their vacation carefully before they go travel.

Therefore, tourism companies are looking for applications, which help them take care of their customers easily. An AI chatbot for traveling is a helpful channel for people who love to travel and also good for the company.


Why we should develop a Travel Chatbot Application?

  • Improve engagement: Travel bots can give customers recommendations, transactions and so on with all available time. 


  • Increase revenue: A research by Google shows that 69% of business travelers and 65% of holiday travelers go online for travel planning. It also says that 92% of millennials find live chat engaging and 23% of them are predicted to travel and spend $1.4 trillion by 2020. This is a good opportunity for revenue growth through travel chatbot. 


  • Saving time and cost:  With the power of artificial intelligence, chatbots are able to solve and handle the complex problems from many customers at the same time. 


  • Get valuable data: Throughout recording each conversation with customers, Chatbots can give customer’s insights then companies can send personalized marketing messages. 


Advantages of AI chatbots.

For users:

    • It can provide immediately the necessary information such as weather, beautiful place, recommendations, flights, rooms,…to customers. 
    • Feeling support 24/7, get helpful information. 
    • Get respond quickly.

For company:

    • This service help them reduce cost. Chatbot eliminates the need for labor during online interaction with customers.
    • Furthermore, chatbot monitors consumer data and gain their insight.

InApps made TravelBot as a chatbot mobile application based on Google’s own Flutter & DialogFlow technologies. This application basically solves queries related to finding good places anywhere. This app uses Flutter, the latest technology in mobile app development, so it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. 

If you have any concerns, just leave us a message

You can use TravelBot application for:

  • Customer support
  • Product Suggestions
  • Weather
  • Personal Assistance
  • Search for & Track Flights
  • News
  • Find a restaurant


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