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Marketplace platform development with InApps

We have two types of the marketplace, they are the offline marketplace and online marketplace

Offline marketplace, where is physical, we can come and get what we want. With the online marketplace, it is as same as the physical market, but all the transactions we make will be online. 

According to Forbes, from 2014, the online marketplace had been booming. Large vertical services marketplaces like Uber, Airbnb, Odesk/E-lance, and HomeAway/VRBO are each on track in 2014 to process more than a billion dollars of transactions.

Because of coronavirus outbreak, we can see that ecommerce and marketplace are two important fields and bring many benefits to businesses.

Why you should develop a marketplace platform with InApps? It is because we have a super team with over 10 years of experience in web app development. Our UX/UI designers are specialized support people. Before doing one project, we always try to analyze the market of that industry, we estimate this step to be sure that we get your business ideas. Then, the next steps will be worked effectively. With these reasons, we can develop an app with necessary features, so with the limited budget, you still have perfect app.

Furthermore, at InApps, we are transparent in delivering the result on time and security. To help you save time and cost, we have a no-fee guarantee policy from 6 months to one year. And, if you register for our "marketplace app development service" this April, we will offer you a special discount of 9%.

More than that, to increase the value of products, we offer you a free heatmap tool when you launch your business with marketplace application. We believe that heatmap is a necessary tool for your marketplace business.


  • Validate your ideas and market opportunities: In this section, we should explore analysis industries reports and target audience. We have to define our potential user, discover which is the problem they are meeting and how can they know the value of your business.
  • Business planning: The plan should be included a description of market and competitors, strategy for Marketing and Sales, action plan and deadline, financial issue and pricing.
  • Technical issues: Finding the team can develop a marketplace web app is not easy. Friendly design, convenient system is really important. If the system is functional, customers can find out what they are looking for as quickly as possible. Furthermore, if the marketplace is not friendly, it can not keep the customers exploring.
  • Find the concept: The online business depends on technology, so the right option helps them maintain the business well. Businesses can choose the way to develop, you can hire a team for developing an online marketplace project. Besides, you can find the company can custom an app that followed your ideas. 
  • Long-term thinking: Marketing strategy is the point, you can research for the strategies that competitors are doing, find out the unique and plan for good price or commission.
  • InApps - Homestay Marketplace Case Study

    • Video Call App
    • Marketplace App
    • Multimedia App (Video, music, photo gallery, Film...)
    • NFC App
    • Booking App
    • Data Synchronization App
    • Mobile Gaming App
    • Utility App
    • Chat App
    • Loyalty and Reward App
    • Delivery App
    • AR, VR App
    • Dating App
    • E-commerce App
    • Health & Fitness App
    • On-demand App
    • Business Matching App
    • E-book App
    • Travel - Flight - Hotel App
    • Online Payment Integration App (PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Square Local Banking,...)
    • Digital Transformation App
    • Language Exchange and Learning App
    • Tour App
    • Mobile Advertising Integration App (Tapjoy, Admob, Flurry, InMobi, Mopub,...)
    • Animal Nutrition App
    • Language Exchange and Learning App
    • Customer Service App
    • Social Networking App
    • Delivery App
    • Map, Location and Tracking App
    • Food App
    • Enterprise App
    • Survey App
    • E-learning App
    • Business App
    • iBeacon App
    • News App
    • And even more...


    InApps has been trusted by clients with great ranking on Top Mobile App Development Companies in Vietnam by GoodFirms and Clutch. We have developed world-beating apps for clients from the USA, Australia, Singapore, Korean, Japan and Europe.

    Dedication to all clients' success
    Latest technologies update
    High competent and skillul software developers
    100% guaranteed services and satisfaction.
    Trust, commitment and responsibility in all relationships
    • Products and inventory management
    • Product and services listings
    • Product search by categories
    • Shipment tracking
    • Order and booking system
    • Shopping cart
    • Feedback/review/rating
    • Favorites list
    • Profile management
    • Payment methods
    • Order and booking calendar
    • Vue e-commerce



    The online marketplace is as same as the physical market, but we can make transactions online. It allows people can buy, sell and compare products online. 

    It depends on the complexity of that application. To have a online marketplace application, that is good enough, it can take 3 – 5 month. But, we still have the other option that you can use our old source code to save the time. After 1 month it could be done.

    B2B Marketplace is an online marketplace, which allows shippers, exporters, purchasers, merchants, providers, makers, wholesalers and retailers to join one place with no middle people. 

    The cost will depend on how complex the application is. You can drop us a message for more information or send us a request.


    • Multi-vendors, who can set up the stores.
    • Admin can earn profit by extracting commission on per order, product memberships, subscription model.
    • Support sellers’ marketing efforts through attracting.


    • Single vendor, he/she can run the app or web for his/her own products.
    • No commission; seller pays for hosting/maintaining the site online.
    • Seller has his/her marketing strategy and take care their sites.

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