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In fact, hiring a good team is not easy. In the USA, the cost for hiring developers is around $100,000 per year, with 10 developers, we will be charged around $1,000,000 per year. While outsourcing a team from VietNam is cheaper than, it is around $20,000 per year. With our extensive experience, we understand the problems you might face. Are you wondering about the Cost? Quality? Process? and How to reduce the cost of the development team up to 4 times? Hope these solutions can help you!


  • Reduce your cost up to 3 - 4 times, but the quality still was the same or even higher.
  • While you are sleeping or traveling, the team is still working and supporting your end-users.
  • You will have more time and money to focus on business development and market expansion
  • The operating process, people, and source code would be fully transferred to you. 
  • No worries about legal, all kinds of cost are transparent, no hidden cost.
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    Competitive cost and easy to expand your team
    Good at both technical expertise and English
    1-month trial and money back if not satisfied
    Transparency everything for long-term cooperation


    According to “Software developers salary”, a software developer in California can earn an average of approximately $9,007 per month and $127,950 per year in 2018. Following our experience in the outsourcing industry, one developer in Denmark could be paid 40 USD - 50 USD per hour, meanwhile, Vietnamese developers could charge 18 USD - 25 USD. With the salary for one Denes developer, you can hire 2 or 3 Vietnamese developers. 

    The question we can receive about this issue is “spend more to have high quality or buy cheap to save cost?” Actually, at InApps, we provide Vietnamese dedicated teams with affordable price but the quality is as same as or even higher than. In one team, we choose a team leader, he/she is the most outstanding person. He/she will estimate the project and monitor the progress of team members, updates team, project manager, customers, and so on. To make sure that the projects can run smoothly but low budget, our solution is higher payment for the team leaders and a suitable salary for members. Additionally, developers will have a seat in Vietnam and you will not spend cost on working space and facilities, such a nice way to reduce cost!

    We can understand that “low labor cost” is the primary reason, which helps businesses deliver significant savings. If a company and startups have budget investment in technology, owning an in-house IT team is an effective strategy. If not, outsourcing a software development vendor is also a cost-effective tactic, but still yields the best quality and ROI.



    Communication is a “tool” to connect a team, especially in making software, communication is a great deal, it is as important as technical knowledge. We understand that many customers come to us because they met some problems in communicating with the other dedicated team before. Our offshore team is good at English communication and willing to help, question, or discuss. In one team, we always choose one team leader, who is not only good at technical skill but also have good management skill and communication skill. The leader will be “the bridge builder”, he/she will connect members in the team with customers. Furthermore, they are to motivate others and make sure the work can get done correctly and on time.

    One of the factors which make our communication success is the application of Agile Scrum Methodology. With this system, we can manage projects easily. More features are built into the product in subsequent sprints and are adjusted based on customer feedback between sprints.

    This methodology has some benefits, by setting the goals that have to be completed in each sprints’ time, it helps members understand what they should do to focus on the main purpose



    With in-house developer, the technical skill can be limited, because of a lack of exposure or face to difficult issues. On the other hand, the dedicated development team has many opportunities to solve hard projects before. Furthermore, they used to work with a range of industries and meet lots of different clients, different matters arising, and changing requirements. Experts at InApps have over 10 years of experience and deep technical expertise. Information technology universities in Vietnam have good background in IT education. Besides, our young developers are willing to learn, creative, and proactive.

    Furthermore, we provide world-class software development services using the latest technologies to clients around the world and offer comprehensive software outsourcing services with highly experienced team using the latest process.

    At the beginning of our ODC process, we have to find the right team, who are suitable for each project and able to develop in the future. For more information about this process and our ODC service, you can click here


    We used to provide ODC service to many clients, who come from EU, US, Korea, Japan, and so on. We believe that hiring an offshore team is the best choice to make your business idea come true. If you would like to see more case studies, contact us




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    InApps has been trusted by clients with great ranking on Top Mobile App Development Companies in Vietnam by GoodFirms and Clutch. We have developed world-beating apps for clients from the USA, Australia, Singapore, Korean, Japan and Europe.

    Dedication to all clients' success
    Latest technologies update
    High competent and skillul software developers
    100% guaranteed services and satisfaction.
    Trust, commitment and responsibility in all relationships


    For startups with restricted capital, cost-cutting is an unavoidable truth. Fortunately, outsourcing is perhaps the most ideal approach to staff your organization without using up every last cent… and it can assist you with sparing in a bigger number of ways than one! 

    Setting up an offshore development center in Vietnam is not as hard as you think. Below are a typical checklist for setting up an offshore development center in Vietnam: https://inappstechnology.com/how-do-i-set-up-offshore-development-center-in-vietnam/

    There are many software development companies in Vietnam offering offshore development center services and InApps Technology is proud to rank:

    An offshore team is a team of employees situated in a different country but is still employed by your company.

    The offshore team of professionals hired by your outsourcing partner should have adequate experiences & skill sets, work motivation and dedication as well as commitment in the long run. 

    ODC stands for Offshore Development Centre. The value of a typical ODC is its flexibility and scalability. Whether you need a solution built from scratch or update an existing application, additional resources can either be contracted separately or added to the core team. An ideal ODC project should be suitable for ongoing maintenance and support.

    In recent years, Vietnam has been the destination for IT outsourcing thanks to the competitive labor costs compared to other countries, a large pool of IT talents with foreign language proficiency and open policies regarding foreign companies of the government.

    Offshore development centers help reduce costs and in-house resources. 

    You can focus completely on core activities such as business, sales, marketing, and operations while we are keeping our focus on product development with the following benefits:

    • Competitive cost and easy to expand your team
    • Good at both technical expertise and English
    • 1-month trial and money back if not satisfied
    • Transparency everything for long-term cooperation

    An ODC (Offshore Development Center) is a software development center located in another country that can help reduce the in-house cost and workload significantly. Offshore development centers are usually located in India, China, the Philippines and Vietnam where the cost of living is much lower. Besides, those countries also have political stability and available resources that are suitable for setting up and integration process of an ODC.

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