SuperVIP – For VIP Communities

SuperVip is an application product of Mr. Lam (Lâm Minh Chánh), the Vietnam famous businessman. We helped SuperVip launch the first ever Vip community sharing in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. SuperVip is a revolutionary new marketing app designed to promote the top business in Vietnam and bring up hot discounts to SuperVip member.

SuperVIP Member Benefits

When customers pay the membership fee of 300,000 VND / year, they will be a Member of SuperVIP and enjoy the following benefits:
- Get the privilege of buying exclusive privileges exclusive to SuperVIP members. These privileges are very special compared to the market and have a higher value than the amount paid by the member.
- Enjoy long-term incentives offered by SuperVip Preferred Deals Partners. Members use SuperVIP cards to enjoy these offers.
- Activities in the Facebook Group community of SuperVIP members.

Main functions

- Registering Account via personal email or via Facebook
- Buy Services or Products online via both international and local bank account.
- Gifting Services or Products to friends and family.
- Review services or products by commenting and rating
- Admin Dashboard, which allows administrator manage users and review monthly report.