Smart Doctor Booking App – Doctor Appointment App Development

Doctor Booking App is an online application for booking a Doctor’s appointment. This app is easy to use and efficient website helps you to schedule doctor’s appointment easily. Patients can book their appointments online and doctors can approve the appointment if they are available on the requested date. Users can view the map of doctors in their location and make reviews to help choose the right doctor. Custom healthcare software development services provided by InApps Technology.

User's Features

- Easy and User-friendly Signup, Sign In And Account -
- Book and Cancel Appointments anytime as they want
- Can edit/update or delete the booking details
- Can write a review about the doctor
- Can access all previous check-in details and medical past appointments.
- Can select and schedule appointment with any doctor as he want
- Doctor details and location is available

Doctor's Features

- Easy and User-friendly Signup, Sign In And Account -
- Doctor’s can approve the requested appointments by patients
- Can updates edit their profiles and can add videos and images
- Can schedules their availability dates and the day they are on vacation


- PHP 5.6
- CodeIgniter framework
- MySQL 5.x
- JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP, SQL