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Food Delivery Application

Feb 07, 2020 CASE STUDIES

Food Delivery 

Grab food, Uber eat, Now, Foody,…are familiar application names for food delivery. These apps let you choose a range of restaurants and foods such as Burger King, Mc Donalds, KFC, pizza,… So, why people use food delivery app more and more? Firstly, now, most people are moving or they work at their office from the early morning until evening. Secondly, 4.0 industry and IoT can change consumer’s behavior. Day by day, they look for a mobile application, which can help them book food everywhere, every time. However, to develop an application is not easy, takes time and costly.  But, Inapps can help to bring your ideas come true and find the way to help you reduce your cost and time!


Develop a marketplace application

Typically, to develop a marketplace application, you will need parts of the product like:
– App UI and UX Design.
Mobile Application (iOS and Android).
– Web Portal Admin, where you can easily manage content, manage and analyze users, and interacting with users through the campaigns.
– An appropriate marketing strategy after product launch.


And the team to execute the project will consist of:
– Business Analyst.
– Designer.
– Software Developer.
– Project Manager.
– Quality Assurance.


DevOps service.

After the product was launched in the market and has users, you will also need a DevOps service.

It will not cost a small amount if you want to do all the features at once.
Instead, you just need to pick out the features you really need to bring value to your customers and promote your inherent strengths and resources to make a lean product that can make customers happy and ready to use. People call it an MVP (Minimal Viable Product).

To develop an MVP, depending on the target audience and goals, we will advise a list of features that best suit an optimal and reasonable budget. We will advise in detail for you to make a wise choice about feasibility: cost, time, market acceptance.
There will be 2 solutions:
– Hire a development team to accompany you with product development and are always ready to provide technical support to meet customer satisfaction.
– Product development in stages with estimated time and cost
And no matter which approach we will advise you to apply effectively in your business.

With more than 10 years of experience in developing applications for customers. We always focus on efficiency for customers with a mindset on ROI (Return of Investment). We always research the customer’s business model to advise on appropriate product development.

Please contact us to receive a proposal about the project. We have a special promotion program just for you this month that is a FREE UI DESIGN worth up to 3,000 USD.

Here is a case study we have experience in this kind of product.

We specialize in mobile music app development aligned with our customers’ specific requirements. Depending on your requirements, we can deliver various types of music apps and assist you in choosing the functional scope for your app.


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